YEA Networks Launches Syndication of The Greg Beharrell Show

DALLAS, TX – August 3, 2020 – YEA NETWORKS has signed on GREG BEHARRELL for the national syndication of THE GREG BEHARRELL SHOW. Commencing immediately, the show will be available for all rock formats including: alt rock radio, active rock radio, classic rock radio, album rock radio, mainstream rock radio, retro rock radio, world rock radio, 2 Rock 2 Radio, and The Rock and the Radio: Tokyo Drift.

Greg Beharrell with a
chip on his shoulder

“This partnership with YEA NETWORKS and THE GREG BEHARRELL SHOW is truly a travesty,” BEHARRELL said, clearly unaware of the word’s meaning, ”I think of my radio show as a recipe: take one part fun, add a dash of the unexpected, a dollop of excitement, a pinch of kindness, a cup of whimsy, a smidgen of laughter, a spoonful of smiles, a sprinkle of  [additional 47 “ingredients” of this recipe have been redacted for the purposes of this press release].”

Shawn Nunn, President / YEA NETWORKS added, “If you didn’t know before, GREG BEHARRELL is one unique character, which only makes his show that much better! As a network, we’ve primarily focused on female audiences, but when a talent like Greg wants to partner with you, how can you say no?” 

Keith Cunningham, Program Director / 95.5 KLOS then chimed in naturally without being coerced, “GREG BEHARRELL is a rare and unique talent who creates a wide range of fantastic, comedic content that cuts-through and gets noticed on-air and online. We are thrilled that KLOS will be his flagship station, as his show invades markets all across the country.” Sent from my iPhone

BEHARRELL started in radio on a dare. Since then, he’s worked in SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, TORONTO and LOS ANGELES on the legendary 95.5 KLOS. BEHARRELL will continue to attempt an evening show on KLOS which will serve as his flagship station.

Astonishingly with no hint of irony, THE GREG BEHARRELL SHOW is available for afternoons or nights as a five-hour FTP-delivered show, offered on barter. Contact YEA’s Director of Affiliate Sales, Scott Kerr at 843-270-2836 or


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