A 1991 graduate of Louisiana State University, George moved to Dallas, Texas to begin a career in radio sales at the legendary 106.1 KISSFM, eventually rising to Vice President of Sales. In 2000, he was named Market Manager of Radio One’s stations in Dallas where he worked with personalities like Tom Joyner and recruited Steve Harvey to do morning radio in Dallas on The Beat 97.9. 

In 2007, George Laughlin raised more than $100 million to launch GAP Broadcasting (named after his children Gracie, Ashley and Preston) with Oaktree Capital and accumulated more than 100 radio stations in small markets throughout the country. Townsquare Media acquired GAP and George stayed on as a Senior Vice President in 2010.

At a dinner with former 106.1 KISSFM co-worker, Kidd Kraddick, George was convinced to leave Townsquare and become the CEO of Kraddick’s growing syndication company, YEA Networks. 

Over the next few years, Laughlin was tasked with growing and diversifying the company and made several key investments, acquisitions and content deals. In 2013, Kraddick suddenly passed away and George not only lost a friend and a boss, but had to make several difficult moves to ensure the success of the company. George Laughlin and other investors soon came to an agreement with the Kraddick Estate to purchase YEA in its entirety.

Thanks to George’s leadership, the company which once consisted entirely of only 1 radio show, grew exponentially with investments and deals involving: The Infinite Agency, Dish Nation, Simple Booth, Radio DJs, Spoke Media, Premier Agency, Podcast Movement, YEA Podcasts and more.

Personally, George has a wife of 23 years, Stephanie, three wonderful children, and enough animals to start a zoo. He enjoys traveling, watching LSU Football, collecting sports cards and comics, and playing bocce and shuffleboard.